About flouble

Welcome to the website of the new software FLOUBLE. The title FLOUBLE combines two words: flute and double, the later representing the string players' term double-stop, meaning two notes at once. The technique of two-part playing is more and more developed on the flute, too. This software makes these possibilities of the instrument accessible. It is based on the earlier Chart of Double-stops on the Flute but offers updated information. The data, fingerings and other neccessary information for approximately 500 double-stops were registered by Hungarian flutist GERGELY ITTZÉS on strictly acoustic basis but only after a long practical experimenting process. Since the sound quality of each double-stop is unique, an important additional feature is that they all can be listened to as MP3 files recorded by Gergely.

The program was developed be VIKTOR KÁLMÁN. He built a jar file, so no installation is needed, only a Java 6 Update 26 (or later) version, then it runs easily. Java can be downloaded free from java.com. (You may have to associate the jar extension to Java manually if it does not happen automatically.)                                        -->(Further important notice for MACINTOSH Users!)

FLOUBLE is designed for flutists and composers. The User’s Guide explains not only the exact use of the software and helps to understand all the signs and the two ways of fingering notation but speaks about the nature of multiphonic phenomenon in general and gives technical advice for the flutist as well as practical information for the composer. The supplementary videos try to give all possible information in these subjects, too. Those who purchase the full version can watch more than 2 hours of video talks between Jean-Paul Wright and Gergely Ittzés about multiphonic flute playing and other special effects. Ittzés's most popular composition can also be watched in his performance.
There are some other options built into the program: filtering data, the saving of fingerings as image files, printable chart. As ’bonus tracks’ the scores of five Hungarian flute compositions are also included, giving examples how extended flute techniques can be used in composition.

Flouble Basic can be downloaded for free, however, the options are reduced in it and it includes no supplementary material (video films and sheet music).

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