If your Macintosh is not running Flouble after having refreshed Java you might have Java 1.5 only. It will not upgrade automatically. Download and install Java 1.6 or 1.7. Before ordering the full program download Flouble Basic, refresh or upgrade Java and test if the software runs on your computer.

For some reason the program works a bit differently on Macs. When you open FLOUBLE you will not see the entire chart and the staff system below. Change the Zoom level in the top left corner by +-, arrows, or typing in a different number. It will refresh the screen immediately and you will see the entire data.

Depending on the settings of your computer, left and right mouse clicks might not work in the same way as on PC. You should figure out yourself how to select and move the lower and upper voices of the interval on the staff system.

To make all the functions work properly, it is advisable to copy the entire Flouble folder into Applications.